Higher Corn Yields


Tip – Minimize Stress on the Corn Plant

The key to high yields is to minimize stress on the corn plant. Stress occurs in many ways. I.E. compaction, water, nutrient, herbicide, disease, etc.  How we manage and alleviate the inevitable stress that a plant may face during the year is how we maximize and capture the genetic yield potential of today’s hybrids. I will address removal of stress in subsequent tips of the week.  Water:  I employ water sensors to inform me of water removal in the root zone.  I monitor these levels at the 6, 12, and 18 inch depths in the soil. If you are removing water from these levels then you should feel certain that your plants will remove available nutrients as well.  Therefore, keep those zones rich in all plant food and water according to plant water usage and evapotranspiration rates. Once you get behind the watering curve it will be difficult to catch up without mother natures help. Therefore, be proactive!!!!!!