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PRIDE = "Professional Results in Daily Efforts"

My name is Randy Dowdy and I am a 1st Generation Farmer. My focus is based on Return on Investment (ROI) and not necessarily about winning yield contests. I am a “Critical Thinker” as a result of my personality and professional training. I have Production Techniques that has been vetted in several different states and varying growing conditions and regions that resulted in positive proven results. I believe in paying my success forward. By this I mean, farmers, industry professionals, university personnel, and neighbors helped me when I began farming and I hope to help others in return. I have helped others increase their production time and time again and to help someone see some of the same results that I have witnessed is very rewarding. I have found that one of the hardest things for others to do is to change and be willing to try new things. Therefore, this is why I have chosen the logo on the web page. Don’t be stubborn and resistant Like a Donkey besides this is truly “change you can believe in”. If your interested in learning about our methods please contact me via email for your next grower,consultant,CCA, or corn production meeting.


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